Elkie’s Journey

100927_Elkie_Floriade_01It’s always the people, the places and experiences that make you who you are and we are all unique.

I am Elkie, a wedding and portrait photographer. But I wasn’t always a photographer. My former life – an engineer, a map maker, barrister and more, has created a colourful journey. Born in Hong Kong, educated in England and living in Sydney, the adventures of my experiences and travels adds to my love for photography – to appreciate and encapsulate every moment of love, bliss, and celebration.

To me, the essence of photography is about connection. Sharing photos with our friends and family, grandchildren looking into the past of their grandparents’ lives, a moment in life close to our heart that is captured. Photography has the ability to capture the memories that we love and connected to, not only now but also many years to come.

As a professional photographer, I have learned a lot more about LOVE. It is always a joy to see my clients with such love between them. And I make it my mission to capture the most valuable things in life – the love and emotion between people so more people can feel the love, eventually making the world a better place to live.

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