[Wedding] Perry & Wayne #LoveWins| British Consulate in Sydney

I am sure all of you have aware that, the news website and social medias have been filled with rainbow today – to celebrate the legislation of same-sex marriage right among all States in the US.

This news is close to my heart – as just couple weeks ago, a lovely photographer friend Kristy from Imago Photography asked me if I could cover a wedding of her – for a friend of her as she wasn’t able to cover due to other commitment.  It was a wedding that had to be held at the British Consulate in Sydney – because being same-sex couple, Perry and Wayne could not have their marriage legalized under Australian law and soil.  But luckily one of them is also a British citizen, hence they could have their wedding in Australia (although limited to a small room within the British Consulate office – but with stunning view of the Circular Quay!) in front of their closed friends and family.

So by witnessing how happy they (and the guests) were when they pronounced to be legally married, I understood how meaningful it is for two people truly in love.  While most of us have the right and freedom to marry anyone we love at any country, but for the same-sex couple, it is a privilege if they are lucky enough to live in some small amounts of countries that allow it to happen – which does not include many “developed” countries, such as Australia.

I have faith and believe it will eventually happens to most countries in this world – however I also know the road will be long, and just like women right to vote and civil right – there will be a lot of obstacles that require a lot of bravery, faith and action to make it happen.

Love is the most priceless thing in the world, and it is what make the world a better place to live.   While it is already hard to find someone who you can share your life with, we should not make the road of anyone who just want to search for love, even harder to walk.

Congratulation to Perry and Wayne again, and thank you Kristy for the opportunity.

PS. Kristy kindly let me to share a few photos of the day.  I have to say while I took the first photo below (the black and white one) – I felt very touching and a bit emotional while looking at Perry and Wayne, holding their hands, walking together – even all I could see was just their back and not their faces – I could not explain why, but it probably because I could tell how happy and in love they are, and I could imagine their road hadn’t be easy but being able to be legally married, means a lot to them.

Love always wins 🙂





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